A King James Bible Believing Online Church for those with no where else to go.

And there was a cloud that overshadowed them: and a voice came out

 of THE CLOUD, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.    - Mark 9:7  

The Cloud Church




Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour.   For we are labourers together with God...     - 1 Cor. 3:8, 9a

Main Goals of      

The Cloud Church:


    * Preach the Gospel  (Rom. 1:16;  1 Cor.15:1-4)

    * Win lost souls (Prov. 11:30, James 5:20)



* Teach the word of God (1 Tim. 4:11; 6:2 and 2 Tim. 2:2)

* Reprove Apostate Practices & Teachings, exhorting Christians to return to the word of God (Luke 11:28)


*Support and encourage other Churches to preach the truth (1 Thes. 5:11;1 Tim. 2:4)

* Encourage Pastors in the work of the Lord (2 Chron. 31:4; Heb. 10:24-25).


* Magnify the Lord Jesus Christ! (Ps. 34:3; Col. 3:17)

* Glorify God in all things! (1 Peter 4:11)

* Please God by doing His will and encouraging others to do the same! (Rev. 4:11)

* Teach others to live holy and look for the soon appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ! (Titus 2:12-15)

     The Cloud Church online website was started by Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker in September of 2014 with the purpose of reaching those who are unable, for whatever reason, to attend a good Bible-believing church in their own area, and/or find good Bible preaching and teaching.  Evangelist Robert Breaker served as a Missionary in Honduras for seven years, and now currently works as a missionary evangelist to the Spanish-Speaking People.  To learn more about Brother Breaker, go to his ministry website: www.rrb3.com.   To find THE CLOUD CHURCH in Spanish,click here.


     Clearly, we are in the last days, and spiritual apostasy abounds world-wide, as many churches compromise the Gospel in exchange for the world's approval.  Because of this, many Christians today have stopped attending church all together, feeling like they have no place left to go to hear what they once could always count on -- sound doctrinal teaching from God's word.  Many are discouraged, feeling there is no where left to go to hear the truth.  It is for these people that this website has been started. 

     If you are one of those who can't find a good Bible-Believing Church to go to, then let THE CLOUD CHURCH come to you!  Watch each week, or whenever you can, and listen to a sound Bible preaching and teaching right in your living room!  

Note: It must be stated, that if you DO have a good church to go to, we DO NOT recommend you come here INSTEAD of your own home Church!   This ministry is not an EXCUSE for anyone to stay home and play hooky on Sundays!  But, you are welcome to watch and listen anytime to a good Bible-based message from the word of God!  And we encourage you to do so.  You can never get enough good preaching!


     The mission of this online website is first and foremost to reach the lost with the BLOOD-STAINED GOSPEL of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4).  It also seeks to spiritually feed the masses who are hungry for the word of God.  Quite often I get emails, phone calls, letters, etc., of people saying, "I just don't get fed at my home church!" or "There is such a drought of good Bible preaching and teaching!"  Hopefully, through this ministry, you'll be fed a steady diet of sound bible truth through online Bible Preaching and Teaching, and you will be able to use what you learn to teach others also.  The only drawback of THE CLOUD CHURCH, is that being online it does not offer much fellowship, as people are not meeting in person in one place to listen.  For this reason that we encourage you to FELLOWSHIP with other Christians in a local church.  If that's not possible, then we recommend home bible studies with other Christians in your own area.  If that too isn't a possibility, then we are here for you!  And, we hope we can work together to reach the un-churched, the discouraged, the unlearned, and the lost.  Take what you learn here, and share it with others.  Point them to THE CLOUD CHURCH, and tell them it's a great place to learn the Bible!

Note:  Bro. Breaker is available to preach in your church as well, and would happy to be contacted to do so.  Or, if you are within a few hours from Pensacola, Florida and desire Bible Study in your own home, we are available.  It would be awesome to film the Clouch Church sermon live every week in a different place.  Contact us if you desire us to visit.


     The Cloud Church, as already stated, offers sound biblical preaching and teaching from the word of God.  It focuses on the three most important pillars of the Christian faith: SALVATION, SANCTIFICATION, and THE SCRIPTURES.  In other words, it focuses on preaching: THE RIGHT GOSPEL (of Salvation by Grace through Faith), the RIGHT WAY OF LIVING (living a holy, separated life that honors God), and THE RIGHT ENGLISH BIBLE (the King James).  Or better stated: THE BLOOD, the BOOK, and the BLESSED HOPE!

     This ministry will focus on TEACHING straight from the Bible without any opinion from man or from any creed or doctrine from any denomination, diocese, fellowship, etc.  Here it is all about what the KING JAMES BIBLE SAYS, and not what others have to say about it!  We also hope someday to offer courses on discipleship for new converts, teaching on various biblical topics for Christians, and should the Lord allow, someday a FREE online Bible Institute, which will train men to do the work of Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist, or Bible teacher.  This ministry will only be what you help make it.  So pray about it, and ask God what you can do to help!  


     The desired outcome of this online website is to train men who will then build local churches throughout the world which will then, in turn, reach those in their own community.  This can only be done by God's power, our prayer, and your cooperation.  With that stated, we hope God will touch your heart to come and learn the Bible through this website, and then use that knowledge in your everyday life to reach others with what you've learned from the Bible! 


     You can help support Evangelist Robert Breaker and he preaches and teaches the word of God in many different ways.  First, and foremost, by prayer.  You can also send financial gifts in form of a gift card, check, or money order via regular mail to:

Robert Breaker

740 Mike Gibson Lane

Milton, FL  32583 

Note:  Write all gifts out to ROBERT BREAKER, an not the CLOUD CHURCH.

Or, you can donate via Paypal by sending a gift to:  Laurabeth1611@yahoo.com

     There are other ways to donate as well.  Click here to see how

We are just getting started here at the Cloud Church, and THE SKY'S THE LIMIT!  Literally!  THE CLOUD CHURCH will become whatever you make it!  If you like what you hear, and it touches your heart, then won't you touch ours as well?  The word of the Lord is precious, and there is a real drought in the land.  Let's water the word together!